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Claudia Brandhofer
Claudia Brandhofer

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From the sunny banks of the Danube to the rugged mountains of the pre-Alps.
Blühende Birnbäume, (c) Niederösterreich-Werbung/K.M. Westermann
The Mostviertel is especially beautiful at the end of April, when the pear trees are in blossom
The Mostviertel in the lower-left corner of Lower Austria has two distinctive faces: in the south the land becomes alpine, full of pristine nature, narrow valleys and mountain peaks. In the north, bordered by the Danube, the Mostviertel is a charming landscape of gently rolling hills lent definition by the countless lines of pear trees extending across them. The most beautiful way to explore this tranquil country is on bike, for example on the famous Danube bike path.
Most, (c) Mostviertel Tourismus/weinfranz
Cider is not only made from apples but also from pears
A country revolves around a fruit
A visit is especially rewarding at the end of April, when some 300,000 pear trees are in full blossom. The locals produce perry out of the pears, which is unique in Europe where the focus is normally on cider made from apples. Don’t fail to try the low-alcohol mild and fizzy perry on the spot – preferably in one the many cosy taverns.


Cradle of Austria
This laid-back hideaway is also the very heartland of Austria: the first mention of “Ostarrichi” in a deed of donation from the year 996 is in reference to the land around Neuhofen an der Ybbs. This is why you can also find numerous imposing abbeys and churches around here. Not to forget St. Pölten, the youngest capital of Austria with its baroque churches and its Woodstock-like festivals.

Adventures in alpine beauty
The predominant mountain of the southern Mostviertel is the Ötscher, almost 2000 m in height. It is at the centre of the nature park Ötscher-Tormäuer – an impressive hiking area. At the foot of the massive mountain a landscape of gorges branching out in all directions offers the most extensive and probably most scenic canyon hikes in the eastern Alps. In winter the entire southern region is a perfect destination for families as well as for alternative winter activities such as snow shoe walking. The guaranteed snow on the Hochkar though, makes for a great winter resort for the athletically inclined as well.