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Danube Bicycle Trail

Easy, with spectacular views and very diverse.
(c) Donauradweg bei St. Michael in der Wachau, (c) 	Niederösterreich-Werbung/K. M. Westermann
Danube Bicycle Track at St. Michael/Wachau
The Danube Bicycle Trail is among the most beautiful cycling trails in Europe. The trail is about 1,200 kilometres in length, running from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. From here it is another 1,600 km to the Danube Delta in the Black Sea, although this section of the trail is not as well developed as the first part of the journey.

The Austrian Danube

Parallel to the silvery blue band of the mighty river, the Danube Bicycle Trail meanders through Austria: 365 pleasurable kilometres from the confluence of three rivers in Passau to Hainburg on the Slovakian border, of which 260 km are located in Lower Austria where the trail is a real treat. Along it you cycle through the Wachau region and the Danube basin around the small town of Tulln, then continue to Vienna and further on to the flatlands to the east, where the Danube Floodplains National Park is located.

The Route

The trail follows the river almost directly, which means you can easily take the tour with your family and it won’t take longer than a week. Of course, you can take your time and explore villages like Dürnstein or even take some of the branching routes, leading to stunning sights like the Melk abbey or the archeological park at Carnuntum. An optimised system of signboards along the route and new information boards that describe these branching trails make it easy to find your way in the surrounding areas.

Bike & Ship

Fähre nach Spitz an der Donau, (c) Donau Niederösterreich/Steve Haider
Ferry to Spitz/Danube

For a change of perspective simply take your bike on board a ship. In the Wachau region, between Krems and Melk, there are several shipping companies plying the route that welcome bicyclers. Another option is to take a ship eastwards from the Wachau region all the way to Vienna. If you want to switch river banks you can cross the Danube on a ferry such as the ones between Klosterneuburg and Korneuburg or between Dürnstein and Rossatz.

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