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Claudia Brandhofer
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Piestingtal Bicycle-Trail

Trace the history of the artists of the Biedermeier epoch
(c) Niederösterreich-Werbung/Leo Himsl
Yes Darling, we can continue ...
Accompanied by the cool Piesting river the bike path takes you through the riverside landscapes of this idyllic valley. Passing countless shady picnic areas on narrow gravel beaches, you make your way from the small market town of Piesting as far as Gutenstein, the cultural and historical centre of the valley. A very special attraction is the wooden gorge bridge at a narrow section of the Piesting valley.

Biedermeier artists

It was the valley of the Piesting that the artists of the Biedermeier period choose to visit again and again. Among these were the historical painter Leopold Kupelwieser, the landscape painter Friedrich Gauermann, the writer Ferdinand Raimund or the composer Johannes Brahms.

The route

(c) Niederösterreich-Werbung/L. Himsl
Take it easy an make it two days
From the starting point in Sollenau to Gutenstein it is only 43 km (27 mi), an easy day trip. If you feel like going on you can continue to Rohr im Gebirge. Although it is only 15 km (9 mi) more it is only advisable for those in good shape as the ascent is quite steep. The reward for this effort is a panoramic view. Alternatively, or if you are still up to it, you can make a side tour of about 3,5 km (2 mi) to visit the Myrafälle waterfalls, quite spectacular especially in spring when the snow is melting in the mountains.


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