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Claudia Brandhofer
Claudia Brandhofer

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Best vintage wines in Carnuntum

An opulent Baroque party for an opulent red wine.
(c) Carnuntum Experience, Hans Pitnau
The Carnuntum region is famous for its red wines

Just before the new grapes are harvested the Carnuntum region east of Vienna presents its best last year’s wines. For this reason each year in August the winegrowers proclaim “Carnuntum Experience” – the Festival dedicated not only to wine but also to pleasure, nature and culture.

Vintage wine presentation
For many years, archaeologists have been excavating the remains of Roman culture from the history laden earth in and around Carnuntum. But just as remarkable are the treasures of the 950 hectares of vineyards here – especially the typical Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt-based red wines of the region. The Rubin Carnuntum wines have to undergo a strict selection process and only the best are allowed to carry this exclusive label. They are presented annually on the final day of the Carnuntum Experience Festival. It’s not just a sober matter, for on this day the Baroque epoch becomes alive again in the gardens of the Imperial Festival Palace Hof – which is also great fun for the kids and those visitors who prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

17 days of pure pleasure
Before the festival concludes with this final highlight there are, of course, plenty of events in the two weeks preceding it. Following the motto “wine, pleasure, nature and culture” there is something for everybody: fine dining experiences, exclusive evenings Roman style, excursions through the riparian zone of the Danube or a leisurely afternoon boat trip. Not to forget the opening day’s party called White-Wine-Fashion, where all the guests are dressed in white to blend with the brightness of the white wines served.