Echtdeckungsrouten, © Waldviertel/

Lower Austria State Exhibition

“Bound by Law”

The main venue of Pöggstall Castle and the whole of southern Waldviertel will make the 2017 Lower Austria State Exhibition an impressive event.

This year’s Lower Austria State Exhibition is being held from 1st April to 12th November at the historic Pöggstall Castle. With its theme being “Bound by Law”, it offers you the opportunity to learn more about the topic of law, ask questions about the rules of our society, and discover the unspoilt, largely unknown world of southern Waldviertel.

With its varied scenery and culinary delicacies such as the poppy seed and greengage, southern Waldviertel is the perfect place to spend a day or longer. Impressive excursion destinations and spectacular landscapes await you at the Waldviertel stops. The two circular hiking routes also include a number of very special vantage points. Experience the exhibition region’s best spots for yourself with our partner companies and enjoy your time in Waldviertel!

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