From the farm to the upland moor

Hike, explore and discover at the Ablass Hof

The Ablass Hof is situated in a conservation area, and is a museum itself. Many adventures are just waiting to begin in the walls of the 300-year-old structure. The excursion to the upland moor is especially wonderful.

An adventure on the plateau
The Ablass Hof is situated high on the Hochreit plateau, from where lumberjacks used to transport wood into the valley (“ablassen” ). Nature is full of adventures – and there are many to be had in 62ha of forestland and meadows at the heart of a nature and landscape conservation area. The first is the farm itself, because the 300-year-old farmhouse has a snack bar and a museum, and is a popular hiking destination which can be reached in several ways.

Action and relaxation
Go animalistic in the barn with the dairy cows, calves, ewes, lambs, goats, chickens, ducks, dwarf rabbits and cats, who are all waiting for strokes and treats. You are also welcome to help out in the barn, and experience the life of a farmer. The Zettel family, the owners of the Ablass Hof, will be happy to go hiking with you on the nearby Leckermoos High Moor, where you can explore the flora and fauna. As true nature lovers, they are experts in this field. Our tip: The best places to recover after an exciting foray are on the sun terrace, in the pool, or on the comfortable sunbathing lawn, where you can also play ball or run around in the playground.

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