Refreshingly green, © Niederösterreich Werbung/Andreas Jakwerth

Adventure vacations for cool kids

Amazing isn't it! Incredible choices wherever you look! Splendid destinations for excursions to be rediscovered every day. A holiday spot for children and their parents.

Childhood is the biggest adventure of all. Everything is new, interesting, exciting. The things we experience and learn so easily as a child, that we first dare to do and explore, they shape our whole life. In our modern world there is less and less leeway for frolicking and rollicking around, for trying our hand at new things, for contact with animals, nature and adventure.

That is why these selected hosts have joined together to pursue a shared goal: to amaze their children guests every day anew as part of an unforgettable vacation for the whole family. These hosts always live out in the country with nature all around. They are in places that totally free up the mind and spirit, places with great excursion destinations nearby for new discoveries every day.

Find out what a great spirit of discovery your children can feel!