Adventures in the snow: at Gästehaus Apschner

Gästehaus Apschner is an inn where everything revolves around snow. Snow on the slopes, during hiking in deep powder or under a microscope.

For Apschners, everything revolves around snow. It is no wonder. After all, they are real pros when it comes to snow and enjoy taking a close look at snow crystals. Then it is time to go from theory to practice – out on the runs or hiking in deep powder.

Great adventures for local weather reporters
The Apschners know so much about snow because their inn is an official weather measuring site for Lower Austria. That is why it has a professional weather station that you can tend to yourself after your vacation and then know exactly what all is being measured. Like a scientist, you can carry out research on snow crystals here and snowflakes, draw up snow profiles and take a look at the different types of snow. Along with the science of snow, there is another important issue here: avalanches and how to behave correctly if you get caught in one. After this vacation, you will be a real snow expert!

From theory to practice: off to the slopes!
The snow inspires you in its natural state because the Family Ski Land is just 300 meters away. There are ski schools and great downhill runs there for hot dogs like you. On a hike in deep snow you can take another close look at snow crystals while playing fun games, then build a snow fortress or two. To top things off, we light a big winter campfire. We grill food and cook tea on the open fire. Sounds like a great winter, doesn’t it!

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