The sweet smell of biscuits and adventure: Landhaus Aigner

At Landhaus Aigner, there is plenty of scope for cool adventures. The petting zoo, biscuit baking, and the exciting pony afternoon are particularly popular.

Running wild in the hay, adventurous winter hikes through the forest, and grooming ponies for their next outing – these and many other activities await young adventurers at the wonderful Landhaus Aigner in the snowy Mostviertel.

For ski-jump builders and forest fairies
In and around the Landhaus Aigner, there is a lot of scope for great adventures, which usually begin in the large playground, and end in the petting zoo. In between, it’s “into the woods” for an adventurous winter hike, during which you can explore the area and our beautiful scenery. Or maybe you could grab a toboggan and turn the Hausberg into a danger zone by constructing your own ski-jumps and doing some cool jumps!

From your high horse, into the hayloft.
In the stable, Lisa the Pony, Moritz the farm cat, and the funny gang of rabbits want you to spend a loooong time petting them. Then go and see the clucking chickens, who will hopefully have laid an egg or two, so that you can help Mrs Aigner to bake some delicious Christmas biscuits. Having feasted on gingerbread and “kipferl” (crescent-shaped biscuits), head to the hayloft to let off steam and run riot. The next day, a “Pony Afternoon” at the Schlöglhofer Riding School is on the agenda, which will certainly be an experience in itself!

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