All-weather adventure: at JUFA Annaberg

JUFA Annaberg Mountain Resort is an excellent base for adventure and for exploring the surrounding region.

Indoors or out, JUFA Annaberg has more adventures than vacation days! And that is just fine, because boredom is something we can do without up here. To keep things that way, we offer a lot to do off the slopes as well!

Adventure everywhere!
There is much to astound you indoors at JUFA Annaberg. Check out Plitsch-Platsch, a water world adventure. There is a lot to explore there. Later, you can head for the indoor playing area and a sports hall to play and work off steam. Skiing fun begins just beyond the doorstep because you live right on the slopes! Whether you are on skis, a snowboard or a sled, you are sure to have a great time! On returning home, we will fix you a sausage and bread on a stick at ÖtscherGrill before you take off from the Motorikpark out of wood where you can show your agility and skills!

Hike in a spirit of adventure
There is always so much to experience on a hike. You may plan it but there are always surprises you couldn’t possible expect. You happen upon wild animals and frozen streams, vast ravines and steep cliffs. Our hiking tips: Herzerl-Weg to Anna-Alm or a tour through Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park, aka as the Grand Canyon of Austria. Have a great time!

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