Along the Ybbs, from the Danube to the mountain lake

Family-friendly, enjoyable, especially safe and varied: The Ybbstal cycle trail is the new highlight in the Mostviertler cycle route network.

The Ybbstal cycle trail provides magnificent exposure to nature as well as the very best cycling experiences. The new centrepiece of the route between Waidhofen on the banks of the Ybbs and Lunz am See is particularly suited for families and pleasure cyclists.

First through the soft hilly country of the Mostbirn trees, then through the alpine region of the Eisenstraße: on its 107 km, the Ybbstal cycle trail connects not only the Danube with the Lunzer Lake, but also the mild and the wild sides of the Mostviertel.

Experience water and nature

Above all, on its new, 55 km-long centre piece between Waidhofen on the Ybbs and Lunz am See, the Ybbstal cycle trail makes the hearts of pleasure cyclists beat faster. However, not because they have a lot of up and down hill stretches. On the contrary, the route follows the railway track of the former Ybbstalbahn - completely flat and away from all traffic, but always very close to the river. The cycle trail is a complete work of art of elegant route guidance and spectacular scenery. You pass through romantic round-arched bridges and through a short tunnel, cross a wild gorge, enjoy the sun and the crystal-clear water on the sedate sandbanks, witness the historical art of forging and then to specially designed rest areas to relax.

The family cycle trail

No steep climbs, an exemplary guidance on safety while on the cycle trail, many possibilities for a stop or for bathing and splashing around in the river.  You can enjoy a special treat at the end of the Lunzer See stage, where you can relax, bathe or play.