Armschlag Poppy Seed Kirtag

The Poppy Seed Kirtag is held every year in September in the Waldviertel village of Armschlag.

The Waldviertel gray poppy has been a protected brand name in the EU for several years and a “poppy culture” has evolved in the Waldviertel.

Poppies are grown on about 500 ha of land in the Waldviertel. That is about half of all poppies grown in Austria. The main center of poppy cultivation is Armschlag, a village half way between Melk and Zwettl. Armschlag has a poppy seed educational trail with a lovely display case at each of six poppy seed farms plus a Poppy Seed Strudel Hiking Trail that goes down to the poppy fields surrounding the village. The now traditional Poppy Seed Kirtag is held annually every third Sunday in September.

Poppy Seed Kirtag
The Poppy Seed Kirtag is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday in September and has lovingly decorated fair stands showcasing poppy seeds in all their diversity: gray and white poppy seeds, poppy seed pods, poppy seed desserts, poppy seed brandies and liqueurs, poppy seed chocolate, poppy seed jam, poppy seed pesto and much more. Mohnwirt Neuwiesinger is a local inn with the biggest frying pan of poppy seed noodles around (Waldviertel potato noodles with melted butter and poppy seeds) and other poppy seed delicacies. Musical entertainment, folk dancing troupes, a fashion show of traditional costumes, fair rides for the kids and a host of other activities ensure a great time for all.

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