Autumn celebrations: harvest festivals

There are tasty festivals to get autumn off on the right foot: from Weinherbst and Mostherbst to Poppy Seed Kirtag and Dirndl Kirtag.

When summer takes on more colors and smells and slowly turns into autumn, Lower Austria has many occasions for celebrations of all kinds. For instance, it celebrates wine, cider, poppy seeds, nature and much more.

Summer passes and the autumns begin. Autumns? Well, Lower Austria has at least three autumns: Weinherbst, Mostherbst and Wanderherbst. The first celebrates wine, the second “most” (the local name for fermented pear cider) and the third hiking.  Weinherbst comprises over 800 events along the Wine Road, Mostherbst is made up of lively rounds of enjoyment in the Mostviertel and Wanderherbst takes place on some 15,000 kilometers of hiking trails throughout the province.

Long live poppy seeds, pumpkins and dirndls
Wine and most are not the only items that make September such a fruitful month for lovers of good food and drink. Armschlag celebrates Waldviertel gray poppy seeds; Pielach Valley, the Pielach Valley dirndl (the local name for Cornelian cherries) and Hanf Valley, Weinviertel pumpkins and squash, also lovingly known here as “Bluza” (huge heads). Try out the homemade sausages, pates, cheeses and spreads at the heuriger wine taverns, experience the old handicrafts or take part in traditional customs: These celebrations are down-to-earth opportunities to get to know the land and people of the given region.

Excursions into the great outdoors and the Middle Ages
Eating and drinking are always wonderful reasons to put on a party. But in September there is something else to celebrate as well. That something else is nature. It is the focal point of Long Night of the Nature Parks and of Wildlife Garden Festival at Niedersulz Museum Village. The medieval festival in Eggenburg, for its part, takes visitors on a trip back in time. And anyone that loved not only the knights in Eggenburg but also the horses should attend the equestrian festival at Schloss Hof, which is also one of the red-letter days in this month.