Searching for adventure: a winter holiday at the Bahnhof

There is always something to do on and around the farm. It is ideal for small adventurers, who are not afraid of sledging at top speed, or talking animals.

The day begins with the quiet murmur of the rail snow plough, while you have breakfast in preparation for your adventures. You’d better have seconds, because a winter holiday at the Bahnhof (a converted railway station) is full of surprises!

“Snowshoeing” and “deep snow riding” expeditions
There are all kinds of adventures to be had around the Ötscher. An exciting snowshoe hike gives you the perfect view of the Sommerau. From the mountain pastures, you can see the reservoir, the Bahnhof, and much more! 100 Haflinger horses are waiting for you on the Joachimsberg. After an hour riding indoors, you can head back outside into the deep snow – either in the saddle, or in a comfy carriage.

Where animals talk and carpets fly
Do you still want more? You should definitely go to Anna-Land! There you will meet talking animals, and ride on a magic carpet that takes you up the hill. Head to the centre of the nature park with your sledge at full pelt, and without needing a plough. Here you can show off your ski-jump building skills, and really take off. Or you can hike up the Tirolerkogel mountain, and slide back down on your sledge, after a nice hot chocolate. No matter what you want to experience here, we look forward to welcoming you!

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