Bike rides and train rides

In Lower Austria, bike rides and railway adventures go hand in hand to create perfect excursions – from vintage trains to the cycle express.

Take the train, take your bike with you Many cyclists in Lower Austria like to take the train – either for a relaxed outward journey, or for parts of longer routes. All aboard for a journey which combines express trains and a trip down Memory Lane.

For more than 100 years, the Mariazellerbahn has transported hikers, pilgrims and commuters along a narrow route from St Pölten to Mariazell, overcoming an altitude of 600 metres. The railway is a pioneering work of Austrian architecture with spectacular mountain routes, slopes with gradients of up to 27 percent, two 180-degree bends and masterfully-positioned tunnels, bridges and viaducts. Passengers can enjoy unique views of the Ötscher mountain or the “Zinken”, a 100m-deep canyon. In the new panorama carriages, passengers can feast on local specialities supplied by the Mostbaron Morderbacher wine tavern. Many passengers like to combine their train ride with a bike ride along the Traisental route, which leads comfortably downhill towards St Pölten.

Those who cycle through the vineyards where grapes which are used to make Blauburger wine are grown (Blauburger Rad-Rundweg) and through the Leiser Berge region, can combine their tour with a ride back in time on the vintage NostalgieExpress Leiser Berge train, to the heart of the Weinviertel. The Reblaus Express, a diesel adventure train with vintage decor, chugs its way from Retz and through the Waldviertel. The ten stations are the starting points of various pleasure routes, such as the Reblaus-Radl-Weg. The route along the Waldviertelbahnrailway line is especially suitable for families. It leads from Gross Gerungs (or Langschlag) to Gmünd via agricultural lanes and quiet roads.

In the Leiser Berge nature park, visitors can roll down the decommissioned railway tracks of the Weinviertel-Draisine route, in smooth-running pedal-powered vehicles.