A bird’s eye view of Wachau

Wachau is just as beautiful from above as it is from below. Don’t believe us? Take a trip to the Vogelbergsteig.

The Vogelbergsteig fixed rope route leads hikers to the heights of Wachau, and shows them the region with its picturesque landscapes, historical buildings and breath-taking vineyards from a completely different angle. The tour is worth it!

Admire Wachau from above

The Vogelbergsteig is one of the most beautiful fixed rope routes in Wachau. Meander up the Vogelberg mountain for 1.5 hours, and enjoy the numerous highlights that make this route so special. Naturally, you will always be accompanied by the region’s unique picturesque panorama! Our tip: The area has a particular charm in the autumn, when the leaves slowly start to change colour, and you can enjoy your hike without the streams of tourists!

Stunning views and a historical detour

We have a tip for you as soon as you reach the top: Make the descent to the historic ruins of Dürnstein Castle and take a journey back in time, before continuing to the protruding rock face of the Vogelberg, where a breath-taking view awaits. A magical view also awaits you at the Starhembergwarte viewing point – which is also known as the “Rapunzelturm” (Rapunzel tower) at the summit of the Schlossberg. Incidentally, the key to the tower is kept at the Fesslhütte hut, where you can also regain your strength by indulging in a snack!

For adventurers and explorers

The varied ascent is also suitable for experienced children. You should bring along a sense of adventure, as a small part of the route leads over some steep rocks, which are secured with a wire rope. Such courage is rewarded with bizarre rock formations, which invite you to climb on them. If you are lucky, you might meet a lizard, or catch a glimpse of some baby hawks on the rocky ledges!

An additional tip: If you are planning a longer stay, we recommend combining the hiking stages of the Welterbesteig from Dürnstein to Weissenkirchen, with a good glass of wine in one of the Heurigen (taverns)!

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