Baking biscuits and skiing: Bodenhof

Advent + skiing = a magical time. Especially when you are in the right place, with the right people.

You will certainly discover something to your taste at the Bodenhof. It could be in the bakery, from where the smell of biscuits drifts over long distances, or on the slopes, where countless adventures await you. Enjoy some spooky fun on our torch-lit walk, which never fails to fascinate.

Where the smell of baking fills the air…
The Bodenhof is the perfect spot for adventures such as tobogganing through the forest, as well as tasting Mrs Schenner’s fabulous biscuits and baking some yourself. You can cut out more than 20 different varieties, keep an eye on them during baking, and eat them one by one! And have you heard? The Christ Child is said to have baked biscuits like these – rumour has it he polished off half of the dough before cutting out the shapes.

… with a hint of pure adventure!
Have you ever tobogganed through a snowy forest? Or have you been on a torch-lit walk in the moonlight? Beware – these activities are only for brave people who visit the Bodenhof. During the day, there is something to discover around every corner. For example, the snowman competition, where the race is on to build the biggest and best snowpeople. And indeed, the ski slopes, where your skiing skills are put to the test, before you head to the stable, where the horses are waiting for you to pet them! What are you waiting for? Come and visit us!

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