Covered reclining area at the Therme Laa Hotel & Spa, © Therme Laa

Breathe easily and unwind

Relax and re-center yourself. Get away from everyday routines, find peace and tranquility. Periods of rest are essential. Nothing can be lasting without them.

The non-stop sensory overload in modern society often makes it difficult for us to go offline and relax. Yet regaining inner harmony can improve the quality of our life and open up new perspectives. It is perfectly okay for relaxation holidays to be somewhat lower key: A little yoga and meditation here, daydreaming there, then off on a stroll to enjoy the scenic countryside.

In everyday life, our actions are often dictated by speed. It is all the more important to integrate decelerating and relaxing moments into life and to unwind mentally and physically. Lower Austria has so many indoor and outdoor places to let go, draw strength, find peace – it is the perfect destination if you are seeking rest and relaxation. Recharge your batteries and give yourself some downtime, mentally and physically. Take in the sweeping countryside and lush meadows, the calming stillness and the lovely lakes.