Cozy, blissful and warm

Winter and wellness: From the snow and into an oasis of well-being

Sure cure for winter goosebumps: For a break from the cold and from everyday routines, head for a cozy, cuddly getaway at a wellness oasis in Lower Austria.

What could be more pleasant than leaving the biting cold and glittering snow and entering into the caressing air of a sauna? Or after an outing in the mountains or in the wintry forests, to feel the heat warm your ice-cold toes back to life and expand your lungs, relax your body and open up your pores? It is so nice to know that there are myriad hotels with wellness oases to take off the icy edge in the Alpine south and the high north of Lower Austria.

Wellness and a sense of wellbeing
Most wellness oases have additional amenities along with saunas. For instance, whirlpools to get muscles exhausted from winter sports all warmed up and loosened again. But also aroma steam baths, infrared booths, sanariums or gently heated biosaunas to warm up body but also mind and soul – especially if you can let these good turns slowly take effect in a resting room with a panoramic view of the glistening winter landscape.