Cultural events at a glance

Events to add to your diary and to look forward to: A preview of Lower Austria’s exhibition highlights in 2017.

From mystic jewels of the past to highly topical issues of the present day: Lower Austria’s exhibition highlights of 2017 cover a wide range of topics.

The Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung (Lower Austrian Exhibition) takes place every two years – in a different location and with a brand new theme every time. In 2017, the National Exhibition is presented in the southern Waldviertel, at Pöggstall Castle. “Alles was Recht ist” (Bound by Law) is the theme of this year’s exhibition, which focusses on the history of jurisdiction, and provides an insight into the coexistence of people. As well as the exhibition and the fully restored castle complex, the host region is always in the limelight. Numerous projects invite you to discover the tranquil beauty of the southern Waldviertel.

ISLAM at Schallaburg Castle
The coexistence of people is also an issue addressed in the new exhibition “Islam” at Schallaburg Castle. The focus is on a religion which is often seen as a contradiction to European society: Islam. On the basis of familiar situations, current questions, historical developments and different perspectives are presented in eight different sections. They invite you to gain a deeper cultural understanding.

From the Stone Age to Maria Theresa
Let Lower Austria’s museums take you on a thrilling journey through time in 2017! Let the “Rome´s Eagle” in Carnutum impress you in 2017. The Caesarean army marches through the Carnuntinum Museum in Bad Deutsch-Altenberg and the Roman city of Carnuntum. Find out about the everyday life of a Roman soldier, his equipment, the hierarchy of the army, and military careers, as well as the civil aspects of soldiering. The MAMUZ in Mistelbach brings you closer to the Neolithic structure Stonehenge. Schloss Hof Castle and Niederweiden Castle examine Empress Maria Theresa’s role as a politician and reformist. And the exhibition ”News from the Past” in Asparn/Zaya Castle in MAMUZ demonstratively presents highlights from over 350 archaeological digs in Lower Austria.