Discovery Routes

Hiking in the State Exhibition region of southern Waldviertel

The “Ysper-Weitental Wanderweg (no. 22)” and “Kremstalweg (no. 625)” circular hiking routes are genuine discovery routes that connect various places in the state exhibition region with each other and will take you to a number of unique vantage points and places of interest.

The southern Waldviertel discovery routes pass through the municipalities included in the 2017 State Exhibition being held in the region. Both of the circular hiking routes will treat you to some very special vantage points and places of interest, and you can combine your visit to the State Exhibition with exploring the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Ysper-Weitental Wanderweg (no. 22)
Circular route no. 22 is 121km in total and will lead you through the stunning Ysper-Weitental valley. You can begin this tour at any of the stopping points along the route.

Kremstalweg (no. 625)
This circular hiking route is 93km and will guide you between Albrechtsberg and Bad Traunstein along the Kleinen Krems and Großen Krems rivers. You will walk through cool valleys to begin with before being treated to some breathtaking panoramic views as you head towards Jauerling.


Route details including sights and viewpoints along the way