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“Bluza” – Squash, ornamental gourds and oil pumpkins

Along with squash and ornamental gourds, the Retz region is especially proud of its oil pumpkins, which grow and flourish on 500 ha of land.

Biggest berries in the world
Pumpkins are affectionately known as “Bluza” in local dialect (i.e. “huge heads”) and are the largest berries in the world. During the squash and pumpkin festival in Retz Land they are the center of attention and of celebration every October.

Pumpkin seed oil, soup and goulash
Harvest time for the 600 different varieties of squash and pumpkins begins about mid-September and lasts into October. Squash and pumpkins are firmly anchored in Weinviertel cuisine as well. Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, soup, goulash or also sweet pumpkin rolls are treats you won't want to miss.

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