Bakery Museum in Mühldorf

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The well-tended museum with its 17 c clay baking oven presents a great deal of expert information on baking.

The Stummvoll family’s Bakery Museum in Mühldorf is an outing destination off the well-trodden tourist path and a real insider’s tip. It has been created with such loving attention to detail and presents a wealth of expert knowledge about baking.
The life of a baker in times past is told in an array of vivid stories that provide insights into the art and difficulties of baking. The museum explains the daily schedule of a small rural bakery around 1930. Most of the exhibit items date from this period but some are much older. For instance, you can see the clay baking oven from 1625, which is still used to bake bread every 3rd Sunday of  the month starting at 1:30 p.m.
After your visit to the museum, you can look forward to a museum café, a shop and wines from top Wachau winegrowers, apricot products plus gifts and crafts from the region.
Farmer’s Market from 9 to noon year-round every 2nd Saturday (even calendar weeks) of the month. Please notify us in advance for bread baking every 3rd Sunday in the month.

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