20 Schilling view of Semmering, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/ M. Liebert

Roman Museum in Mautern


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Die Ausstellung im Römermuseum zeigt Funde und Bildmaterial aus archäologischen Ausgrabungen seit 1930.

The Romans once considered this the point at which civilization ended because the Danube formed the limes, the frontier between the Roman Empire and the barbarians to the north in their impenetrable forests. The myriad finds in Mautern attest to the long presence of the Romans, as does Fort Favianis, a fortification that served as the cornerstone of the later town of Mautern.
The Roman Museum in the baroque granary shows painstakingly collected finds that include drinking glasses and vases, jewelry and clay vessels. Children will enjoy the “Roman Room” with its authentically reconstructed wall paintings and the kitchen with genuine dishes from five centuries.

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