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The VIRTULLEUM is an exciting expedition into the history of the town of Tulln.

The VIRTULLEUM is an exciting expedition into the history of the town of Tulln.

"VIR" is for "virtual": the VIRTULLEUM provides infomation in a virtual format, more specifically via the VIRTULLEUM app and on the website.
"TULL" is for "Tulln": the VIRTULLEUM explains how Tulln became the town that it is today. 
"EUM" is for "Museum": the VIRTULLEUM links historically significant objects from the Town Museum's collection with places in Tulln. 

The history of Tulln is best told by the town itself.
The VIRTULLEUM app and the history dice will take you to inspiring places rich in history.

Go on your own, individual town expedition. A special experience awaits you:

  • We shall take you to selected spots in town and draw your attention to exciting details.
  • For example, with the help of replicas you can travel to the Tulln of the Roman era.
  • You will meet people who lived in Tulln when the town was still very different from what it is now.
  • You will be amazed by panorama images of Tulln in former times.
  • Find out what these objects tell us and what makes them so special that they were preserved.
  • You can also take an exciting look into the future:  Inhabitants of Tulln tell people who will live here in 200 years about present-day Tulln.

The VIRTULLEUM is for everyone who wants to learn more about the town of Tulln and is looking for an entertaining program.

Public arrival is easily accessible by train or bus.


  • Individual:
    Adults: € 6,00 Reduced adult tickets: € 5.00 (Groups of 10 people or more and seniors)
  • Children:
    Children and young people (11-18 years): € 3.00 (Military service, apprentices and students up to 25 years of age)

Facility features

  • Toilet facility


  • Suitable for wheelchairs
  • Suitable for strollers
  • Suitable for bad weather

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