Dürnstein, © Michael Liebert

Flaming Christmas

Fruit wine flows and iron glows

Six of the Advent markets in the Mostviertel are known collectively as “Flammende Weihnacht”. This collaboration promises a comprehensive programme during the four weekends of the Advent period. A particularly stylish ambience awaits visitors.

“Flammende Weihnacht” refers to the four Advent markets on the Eisenstrasse in Waidhofen and der Ybbs, Ybbsitz, Gaming and Neubruck, as well as the two Christmas markets on the Moststasse in St Peter in der Au and Seitenstetten. These markets not only have the same name, but they also have similar programmes. Most (fruit wine) and iron – two local heroes which could not be more typical of the region – take centre stage.

In focus: Most & iron

For a long time, “Most” has been a light drink in, and a friend of, the entire quarter. Enjoy a mug of mulled Most (“Glühmost”) during your visit to “Flammande Weihnacht”. For centuries, iron has been an economic driver in the area surrounding the Ezberg mine, and is still firmly anchored in the cultural landscape due to its distinctive form. At the Advent markets in the Mostviertel, the iron is always presented in a playful and handcrafted manner.

The “Flammande Weihnacht” venues – i.e. castles, blacksmiths’ workshops, monasteries and convents – create a festive atmosphere. The mixture of fire and ice creates a cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere, and “Perchtenlauf” (processions), gingerbread workshops and festive choirs will melt the hearts of all visitors.