Apricot blossom in Schwallenbach, © Michael Liebert

Budding Life

True enjoyment does not start on your plate, but long before in the region in which these delicacies grow.

In Lower Austria the soil harbors true treasures. And what is especially practical: You do not have to search and dig for this treasure, it can be harvested much more easily. Culinary treasure hunters can get the best impression in the spring when a colorful sea of blossoms is growing into unique specialties.

Blossoming plants, buds breaking on the plum trees, the magnificence of the white blossoms of the yellow plum tree, colorful poppy fields or tens of thousands of blossoming pear trees give an impression of Nature awakening from winter slumber.
Usually, special products are produced by special people. Such as by Johannes Gutmann from the Waldviertel. Many years ago, thinking out of the box and wearing not your run-of-the-mill glasses and with an ideé fixe in his head, people would make fun of him. Now, his ideé fixe has become part and parcel of quality cuisine: He relied on the power of Nature, recognized the value of regional products and made sure the ingredients were organic. Today, his “invention” SONNENTOR is one of the most successful companies and one of the many quality taste addresses in the Waldviertel.

Celebrating Festivals

Guests can walk a stretch along the path of sustainable and regional production all year round. Companies and producers invite you to celebrate the harvest in style. At the culinary festivals you get insight into the production and processing of the products. You get to see how a good carp is caught at fishing festivals, are there when fine pear cider is distilled in the Moststraße (pear road), inhale the delicious scent of poppy, which for example makes a strudel into a typical Waldviertel culinary experience. The residents of the Spitz region in turn offer their guests a diverse range of products which can be made from the Wachau apricot. These include apricot dumplings from the legendary “apricot dumpling machine” as well as jam, brandy and cake.