Get your milking certificate at the Forellenhof

You will never feel cold at the Forellenhof. After all, you can head to the stable now and then, to pet the animals, or cuddle the cats!

At the Forellenhof, both the fish in the pond and the animals in the stable are waiting for you. They are especially looking forward to being petted – and a little treat. On and around the farm, you will find that there are lots of adventures that are not to be missed.

Get your milking certificate!
There is lots to do at the Forellenhof, in the wonderful Mostviertel, in the winter. The animals in the stable are already waiting for you to pet them. You can also earn your milking certificate from Horni, the dairy cow. That pays off, because cocoa tastes twice as good with milk that you have collected yourself. Have you ever groomed a pony? No? There’s a first time for everything. The riders at the farm will be happy to show you how it’s done. They can also show you how to ride a mini pony, and how to take it for a walk! But don’t forget to play with Lilo and Stits, the cuddly farm cats.

An adventure rally at the farm.
The adventures are not just restricted to the stable. Around the farm, there are lots of meadows and paths, which make perfect toboggan runs. Have you ever built your own ski jump? Now is your chance! You can also go on exciting winter walks, before heading to the cosy parlour to warm up. We wish you good luck for the Games Evening!

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