Get closer to nature

If nature becomes a place of interest, it must be summer in the mountains of Lower Austria, where you can watch nature come to life.

Alpine summer in Lower Austria shows that nature’s construction sites are more than obstructions; they can also provide fascinating moments. Among these sites are rivers that carve up mountains, roots that break apart cliffs and views that will have your jaw dropping.

Leaving all hurdles behind
Nature is always on the move. Unlike cities where congestion, stress and a hurry-up-and-wait pace dominate everyday life. That is why nature’s construction sites are such a welcome break from daily routines. They invite us to be amazed instead of being crazed.

Shaped by nature
In Alpine summer in Lower Austria, nature has fascinating construction sites at every turn. They may involve rivers carving their way arduously through rock over countless millennia. Or incredible dripstone caves that are never completed yet are always stunningly beautiful. These are peaceful, tranquil places where you can leave everyday cares behind.

Our tips: Nature’s TOP 5 Alpine summer construction sites
The Myra Falls carve their way through the Vienna Alps whereas Dürrenstein in Leckermoos moor has a wilderness area that takes your breath away. Ötscher has a very special construction site of nature in its dripstone cave whereas Falkenschlucht near Türnitz is a ravine that strikes hikers with wonder. Nature’s power is on display in Johannesbachklamm near Würflach, a canyon with breathtaking features.

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