The 2018 Garden Summer in Tulln: A city surpassing itself.

In 2018, the Garden Summer of Lower Austria will kick off its eighth season. This potpourri of events will experience a special highlight next year in Tulln/Donau.

The gardening city of Tulln – with its many gardens and gardening businesses, the International Gardening Expo and the first Ecological Garden Expo in Europe: the TULLN Garden, links art and gardening from May 5 to September 30. The focus is on gardening works of art on display throughout the city under the motto GREEN ART. Another focal point will be the City Hall/Minorite Abbey with its exhibition “#TullnART – Garten der Künstler” (Garden of the Artists).  For this feature, artists, landscape architects and gardeners will tackle the phenomenon of the “garden” in the most diverse ways. A versatile supporting program will also entice you to visit Tulln in the summertime. You can look forward to cycling tours, barefoot meadow hikes, garden delight breakfasts or gardening workshops. The GREEN ART city tour with the Austria Guides, which takes place every week at 3:30 p.m, can be conducted bilingually (German and English) upon request.

Here you will find a map providing an overview GREEN ART – Event calendar