A nature park adventure at an altitude of 750m – the Höbarten

Do you want to go on thrilling tractor rides, build huge snow castles, play with our farm dog, Rico? The Winter family let you do that.

Have a new adventure every day at the Höbarten organic farm. From driving tractors, to milking cows, to epic snowball fights, you can do it all here. Your biggest fan is our dog, Rico, who is looking forward to joining you on a farmyard adventure!

A new adventure begins
In the middle of the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park, Rico is waiting impatiently for you. The farm dog of the Winter family is looking for a companion with whom he can guard the cows in the stable, and pinch eggs from the hens’ nests. If you give him a bite of your homemade bread or delicious festive biscuits, he will come with you on your first tractor ride with farmer Erwin, and bark to tell you which way to go.

Who will win the snowball fight?
The cows are not only herded and fed, but also milked. And to be honest, there is nothing better than milk that you have collected yourself! Incidentally, the sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens are looking forward to your visit – in particular, they are looking forward to being petted. The best time to visit them is after you have built your snow castle for an epic snowball fight. Once you have warmed up again, you can return to the toboggan runs with the strength of the farm champion!

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