Invigorating April

Spring is celebrated everywhere: Wine Spring on the Wine Road, Most Spring in the Mostviertel and an exquisite gourmet festival in the Wachau.

April in Lower Austria usually begins with apricot blossom time in the Wachau and ends with pear blossom time in the Mostviertel. In between, lovers of good food and drink can enjoy a wonderful series of tasty events.

In the spring, the buds open all along the Lower Austrian Wine Road and so do the doors to the wine cellars. The big spring wine tasting events – Wine Tour in the Weinviertel, Wine Spring in the Kamp, Krems and Traisen valleys or in the Wachau, New Wine Fest in Göttlesbrunn, or Tour de Vin at Austria’s traditional wineries – offer an ideal chance for lovers of good food and drink to gather sociably, get to know the new wine and fill up their own cellars.

A festival for all the senses
During the spectacular apricot blossom time in the Wachau, culinary delights are also in full bloom. During the wachau GOURMETfestival visitors can experience the Lucullan potential of this enchanting stretch of Danube Valley in concentrated form. The lineup includes exclusive menus, extraordinary wine tasting and delightful gourmet events.

Intoxicatingly magnificent blossoms
Spring is celebrated in a more down-to-earth fashion in the Mostviertel, named for “most”, the fermented pear cider made here. Hundreds of thousands of blooming fruit trees transform the landscape into a fragrant sea of white blossoms usually toward the end of April. During Most Spring the communities, local innkeepers and excursion destinations along the Most Road invite everyone outdoors into the scenic countryside to explore culinary delights featuring most. The highlights are the Most Salon at the Schallaburg and Most Day, celebrated on the last Sunday in April along the Most Road.