The scents of the stable and the fresh air: Pension Kobichl

If mini ponies are your best friends, and you want a new adventure on the slopes every day, your holiday will never be long enough!

The mini ponies, the cows and their calves cannot wait for your visit. Finally, petting the farm animals is on the agenda. On the slopes, first-time skiers will quickly become little pros, before joining in a snowball fight!

Stable whisperers with our mini ponies and cuddly rabbits
Every morning, the mini ponies and cuddly rabbits wait for you to pet them. But the sound of mooing can also be heard from the stable door – the cows and pigs need feeding. YOU can have YOUR breakfast once the job has been done! With renewed strength, thanks to a substantial breakfast in the comfy parlour, it’s off to the ski slopes for a crash course, which enables you to master all of the blue slopes like a pro!

Head up the mountain on a magic carpet
Just a stone’s throw away from our site is the Annaberg Skizentrum (ski centre), where you can become the King/Queen of the Slopes, and an ace tobogganist. The best part: You do not need to pull your toboggan up the mountain, or even climb up it yourself, because there is a conveyor belt. You will feel like Aladdin on his magic carpet. Back at the farm, head to the stable to say “Hello!” to the animals once again, before going to the games room to play table tennis and a whole host of other games. There’s no place like Annaberg!

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