KREMSTALWEG hiking route (no. 625)

A varied hiking route that enables you to experience the many facets of southern Waldviertel over 93 kilometres.

Kremstalweg, a circular hiking route that guides you through the State Exhibition region and through huge plateaus with spectacular viewpoints and unspoilt river valleys along the way.

This “real discovery route” is just under 100km and usually takes about five days to complete, but who’s going to be counting kilometres when they’re experiencing such wonderful things as they hike? After all, walking the Kremstalweg really does allow you to see what makes the Waldviertel region so unique and valuable. Hikers are constantly switching from plateaus and viewpoints that touch the heart to refreshingly cool valleys covered with trees and other vegetation. The route is lined with poppy fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, pale green meadows scattered with fruit trees, colourful gardens, quiet ponds and striking rock formations, while an indescribable mixture of scents consisting of coolness, fir needles, mushrooms and pure vitality arises from the forest floor. Hikers encounter a large number of very old mills and board saws, which offer an insight into how people used to live and support themselves. All of this is accompanied by music played by nature herself, namely the gentle rushing of the Kleinen Krems and Großen Krems rivers, which shimmer with golden brown and set a rhythm that guarantees a relaxing and liberating hiking experience.

Things worth seeing along the route

  • Gudenus Cave: A place where Neanderthals lived, Gudenus Cave is one of Central Europe’s most important Stone Age sites.
  • Lake Edlesberg: A great, yet widely unknown place for fishers – and anyone who simply wants to relax.
  • Railway bridge at Weyrer Pond: The impressive viaduct is all that’s left of the former railway line.
  • Wiegenstein (“Rocking Stone”) in Bad Traunstein: Huge rock formations in the forests of Bad Traunstein are an indication of Waldviertel’s geology and incredible events that are said to have happened many years ago.
  • Am Zwickl: One of Waldviertel’s most beautiful river valleys was formed by the confluence of the Kleinen Krems and Großen Krems rivers.