The world in a photo

Baden close to Vienna is a gallery: The best photographers in the world are guests at the largest photo festival in Europe!

35 picture stories on the subject “Man and His Environment” transform Baden close to Vienna into one great open-air gallery from June 8 until September 30.

Frenchman Jacques Rocher has turned his native town of La Gacilly into a mecca for photographic art and photojournalism. Since 2004, the small town in Brittany has been hosting the photo festival, which has become a yearly focus, not just in the photography scene.

Baden Becomes a Stage

In 2018, the photo festival will debut in Baden: From Josefsplatz via the Hauptplatz and through the old city quarters of Baden, to the Brusattiplatz, down the Schlossergasse up to Doblhoffpark, to the Orangery and Rosarium, the “Festival La Gacilly Baden Photo” leads to what is probably the most beautiful open-air photo gallery in Europe- and admission is free. The public space becomes the stage for an artistic oeuvre and like every year, a particular country or continent is the focus of modern photographic art.

Nature and Beauty, Art and Comfort

This year in particular, photos from African portrait studios reveal the dreams of the people who dwell south of the Sahara.  Long-running documentaries report on the moving and surprising relationship between humans and animals. With an artistic and photographic presentation of accruing environmental problems as well as the beauty of our world and existence, the festival stands for humankind’s desire for peace and a successful life.