Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2020

The biggest photo festival in Europe comes to Baden near Vienna.

Under the motto "NEVER GIVE UP!", the who’s who of photography will be presenting fascinating worlds of images in the "Open-Air Gallery" in Baden near Vienna from 14 July to 26 October 2020.

The photographer Jacques Rocher created the festival, which is entirely dedicated to the theme of man and the environment, back in 2004 in his birthplace La Gacilly in Brittany. Driven by a deep conviction that it is almost our duty to constantly think about the future of our planet and to search for humanistic and sustainable concepts regarding the treatment of nature and the way we all live together, he has shaped the festival into an event whose social relevance has become an international benchmark by bringing together artistic photography and photojournalism. Lois Lammerhuber, one of the most important contemporary photographers in Austria, has a long-standing friendship with Jacques Rocher. This connection also led to Lammerhuber finally bringing La Gacilly to Baden near Vienna.

A city becomes a stage

Through the aesthetic magic of photo narratives by the world's best photographers, Baden will be transformed into a total artwork for the third year in a row from 14 July to 26 October under the motto "NEVER GIVE UP! The festival shows over 2000 photographs on canvases up to 280 m² in size. Starting from the visitor centre on Brusattiplatz, you stroll in two loops for a total of 7 km through Baden's old town, through Doblhoffpark and Gutenbrunner Park, always with the photographs in view - and all this with free admission!

Plenty of new and renaissance in the East

"Renaissance" stands for the commitment and awareness of the exhibiting photographers to stand up for the planet Earth with their work, just as festival founder Jacques Rocher did with his famous 100 million tree reforestation project "Plant for the Planet". Consequently, rebirth also stands for the fulfilment of the hope for a change for the better. In this sense, it is a reminder of the dawn of the communist East and how 30 years ago the winds of freedom brought Glasnost (openness) and Perestroika (transformation), thus enabling the modernisation of the socio-political and economic system of the Soviet Union. The ensuing end of the Cold War triggered a remarkable creative surge of contemporary photography in Russia and the successor states of the former USSR, which the festival pays tribute to and celebrates under the title "Much New in the East".


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