Fascinating pyramids

The new exhibition from 3 March to 25 November 2018 at the MAMUZ museum in Mistelbach provides you with a profound insight into the culture of Ancient Egypt.

The fascination which the high culture of the Nile valley inspired even in the people of Central Europe after Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign, and which also had an influence on handicrafts, fashion and music as a result, remains unabated even today.

Take a trip to Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza were seen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World as early as the Ancient Greek period. It is also a wonder of which the majority is still preserved even today - after more than 4600 years. Anyone who does not want to fly to Egypt should definitely contemplate a trip to the MAMUZ museum in Mistelbach. The ‘Pyramid Fascination’ exhibition from 3 March to 25 November 2018 gives us a detailed picture of the world of the Ancient Egyptians. The reconstruction of the burial chamber of Sennedjem and numerous original finds from the burial sites of Egyptian rulers are some of the highlights of the exhibition, also addressing the construction and architecture of the Egyptian pyramids in detail.

‘Egyptomania’ in Europe

You can see even today how much the high culture of the Nile valley shaped Napoleonic Europe, for example by looking at handicrafts, fashion, garden design and music from the period of Napoleon’s Campaign. Egyptian themes, pyramids and obelisks were favoured in stage design at that time. The best known examples are probably ‘Aida’ and the ‘Magic Flute’. The motifs of pyramids and obelisks can still be found even today in many old districts or historical sites such as Schönbrunn Palace or Heldenberg. Numerous children’s workshops like ‘Writing in Ancient Egypt’ or ‘Visiting the Gods’ as well as academic talks, for example on belief in the afterlife, expand upon the content of the exhibition.

Exhibition in Czech and German. Guided tours can also be booked - in Czech, Slovakian and English upon request.