Mild March

The harbingers of spring and the Easter bunny: In Lower Austria, March beckons us outdoors to delight in the first bits of green that spring brings.

From blossom time strolls to sunshine skiing, from Oster-Grean to Wine Spring: Lower Austria celebrates the start of summer in a variety of ways.

Spring cannot be far off when snowdrops, crocus and daffodils venture out into the light. As nature awakens in March, it beckons us outdoors to take spring strolls. For instance in Donau-Auen National Park, where you can greet returning migratory birds on guided excursions or to Pielach Valley where guided hikes take you to blossoming Dirndl (Cornelian cherry) trees. The mountains, by contrast, are still in the hands of winter sports enthusiasts in March, especially Hochkar or Schneeberg, where you can ski under sunny skies on firn, as this granular snow is locally known.

From Oster-Grean to Osterreigen
Easter in Lower Austria is colorful but not just because of Easter eggs: Osterreigen is a multi-faceted roundel of Easter events that takes place throughout the province, setting people in a merry and festive mood. Christ’s resurrection is commemorated and spring is welcomed at traditional festivals in the Weinviertel such as Oster-Grean (going out into the green) and the Emmausgang (commemorating the risen Jesus joining two disciples on the road to Emmaus) plus Easter concerts at Grafenegg or the IMAGO DIE Festival in Krems, strolls and numerous Easter markets. The Wachau has glorious celebrations at Easter time: Osterreigen Wachau features spring hikes, festive music, delicious food and drink plus an Easter egg hunt or two in the UNESCO World Heritage landscape.

A spring excursion
Numerous TOP excursion destinations also reopen again at Easter time and launch the excursion season with markets or small festivals. Klosterneuburg Abbey welcomes the spring exotically: Every other year in March it holds Austria’s largest orchid exhibition.