Peter Header Landingpage, © Andreas Jakwerth

The grand voyage through Lower Austria

Peter the globetrotter can show you the most beautiful places in Lower Austria.

This is Peter’s story. An honest-to-goodness Lower Austrian, who was one day drawn to far away countries but then realised on his journey across the world just how beautiful it was back home. Now he has returned home again, where he feels most comfortable and knows the area the best. In Lower Austria. And now he wants to introduce us to the Lower Austria he knows...

Peter has explored many sensational parts of the world and there is one thing he has learnt from this. The most beautiful places are not always in the guidebook, as only the locals are aware of them. That’s why Peter has set off with a video camera in his bag to show you the most beautiful places in Lower Austria. Join him for spectacular views, unspoilt nature, great times you can cherish, places with a cultural history thousands-of-years old in which you can almost taste and heavenly walks through rich green and golden yellow vineyards. With Peter’s favourite places at the back of your mind you can - as the saying goes - jump in with both feet on your next holiday to Lower Austria.