Pielach Valley Dirndl Kirtag

The Pielach Valley celebrates its Dirndl Kirtag every September with an enjoyable program in honor of the “dirndl”.

“Dirndl” has many meanings in local dialect. It can mean the traditional dress that women wear on festive occasions, the wearer of that dress or also Cornelian cherry. Every year during the Cornelian cherry harvest, the Pielach Valley designates one town as the venue for the two-day festival.

The Pielach Valley has made a name for itself in the Mostviertel as “Dirndln Valley”. Cornelian cherries are called “dirndl” in Pielach Valley and traditionally made into jams or schnapps. The Pielach Valley Dirndl Kirtag is one of the fixed dates on the regional calendar. It is held in September – every year in a different community.

Dirndl, dirndl and dirndl
Along with wild fruit, these two days of festivities revolve around the other dirndls, in other words the special dress and its wearers. Every other year a “Dirndl Queen” is crowned, an event awaited with great anticipation. She represents the Pielach Valley as dirndl ambassadress at various events during the two years following her coronation. 

Festival of enjoyment
The Dirndl Kirtag treats participants to dirndl specialty dishes, which are sold and can be sampled at the many stands – from dirndl punch to dirndl brandy, from dirndl torts to dirndl rolls (goat cheese filled with dirndln). Musical and sports events accompany this kirtag. A lineup of supervised games and contests is offered to kids throughout the fair.