Pöggstall Castle Exhibition

“Bound by Law”, 2017 Lower Austria State Exhibition

From 1st April to 12th November, Castle Pöggstall in southern Waldviertel will be the focus of the 2017 Lower Austria State Exhibition. Having been carefully and comprehensively restored, you will be able to see this important collection of historical buildings returned to its former glory.

With its theme being “Bound by Law”, the 2017 Lower Austria State Exhibition offers an insight into how people live alongside each other and gives us the opportunity to learn more about law.

It looks back at the history of jurisdiction and forward to where we are heading together, at how we shape our world together on both a small and a large scale, and at how people used to interact with one another and how they do so today.

In addition to the guided tours visitors can take through the exhibition, there are audio guides available in English, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian. The guided tour is approximately 90 minutes.

Special exhibition: Pöggstall Castle – Connecting Imperial Families with the Surrounding Region

A special exhibition called “Pöggstall Castle – Connecting Imperial Families with the Surrounding Region” provides information on the general restoration work done to the castle, those who would have owned the castle and lived there in days gone by, and unusual features of the castle’s grounds. Entry to the special exhibition in the rotunda is included in the admission price for the main exhibition.

Opening times
1st April to 12th November 2017
Every day from 9:00 to 18:00
Last admission 17:00

Admission price: €11.00 for adults