A winter adventure in the Mostviertel – Einkehrhof Poggau

The Einkehrhof Poggau offers the ideal way to warm up after an exciting adventure on the slopes, and surprises you with new tasks every day.

When the winter comes, snow adventurers need a base station. The perfect solution: the snowy Einkehrhof Poggau. Not only is it situated between Lackenhof and Hochkar, but the best toboggan runs and snow caves are also right on the doorstep.

Snowy, icy adventures.
Snowmen, toboggan runs and snow caves are virtually at the front door of the Einkehrhof Poggau.  Another good thing is that two fabulous family ski resorts – Hochkar and Ötscher – are just around the corner. Icy adventures await you in Lunz am See. Especially when the lake turns into a skating rink! If it is not completely frozen, there is an excellent alternative in the middle of the village.

Our tips for keeping your feet warm.
Warm up at the Einkehrhof Poggau by petting the animals in the stable, or baking some bread. You’ll be surprised – homemade bread tastes 1,000 times better than everything else! In the winter, our donkeys, sheep, goats, cats and ducks still want to be petted.

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