Where there is no such word as “boring”: Rosi’s Erlebnishof

Rosi’s Farm is called an “adventure farm” for a reason. Here you can go riding, bake delicious treats, walk by day or night, or run riot in the hay

In the heart of the Waldviertel is a lovely farmyard, at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level. Rosi and her animal friends are right at home here at the Erlebnishof (adventure farm). And they want to show their guests how exciting farmyard adventures can be!

1 farm, 1,000 adventures
The winter in the Waldviertel makes you want to walk through the snowy forests, and along the half-frozen Lainsitz (Lužnice) river, having countless adventures along the way. That’s not just by day, but also by night... but only with Rosi, because she knows all about it. The “adventure farm” is so-called because you’ll never get bored when Rosi is around. She’ll bake biscuits and sourdough bread, and cook real Waldviertler Kartoffelknödel (potato dumplings) with you, as well as showing you how to knit socks and weave baskets.

Rosi and her furry housemates
It’s not just Rosi who lives on the adventure farm – her gang of animal friends are waiting to meet you. The cows and their calves, the sweet ponies, the grunting pugs and the waddling ducks are looking forward to being petted and fed by you. A pony ride in the area is a great idea – or you can grab a go-kart and zoom around the farmyard. Finally, we have a great tip for warming up: running riot in the hay loft. It is very soft, smells fantastic, and is tremendous fun!

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