Rules for ski tourers

Safe and fair ski touring on Lower Austria’s ski pistes.

  • The golden rule: Keep warnings and barriers (avalanche dispersion, avalanche hazards, ski racing, etc.) in mind
  • Look out for barriers: The use of snow-grooming vehicles – especially those with cable winches – may lead to life-threatening situations and injuries.
  • Stay on the marked routes!
  • Make sure you are a sufficient distance away from other skiers when crossing the pistes, and only cross where you can easily be seen. Follow the signs!
  • Be visible! Make sure that you have sufficient lighting during the climb.

Caution & prudence: Keep a watchful eye.

  • Snowfall, fog, storms or similar can cause poor visibility. Remember: It is not just your visibility, but also that of all other skiers or ski tourists, which is restricted.
  • Attention: Cables measuring up to 1,000 m in length may be stretched across the piste, and are not recognisable. Collisions can be fatal!
  • If a snow-grooming vehicle comes along, move to the side of the piste immediately!
  • Walking on the pistes may cause damage to them such as the formation of holes, mounds or similar. Take care!
  • Never directly follow a snow-grooming vehicle. The stopping distance for a standstill is just 50 cm!

Quality & consideration: Remember...

We promise quality and safety – and keep our promises. To be able to offer the best possible piste quality on a daily basis, the routes must be prepared as early as possible as the prepared snow needs 8 hours to harden. If the tracks freeze overnight, this can severely affect the quality of the pistes, and cause accidents for skiers. We therefore ask you:

  • Not to use partly-prepared pistes. If this cannot be avoided, please stay in the edge area!
  • And don’t forget: Never directly follow the snow-grooming vehicle!