Safe skiing in Lower Austria

Refreshingly safe. New rules in place for our ski resorts.

To ensure your day of skiing runs smoothly, here are our tips for a refreshingly safe skiing experience.

For care-free skiing without compromising on well-being, our ski resorts in Lower Austria have drawn up uniform measures to ensure you have a safe winter experience. So you can enjoy the feeling of the wind, the winter sun and that wonderful feeling of lightness when skiing, even during these challenging times.

Our tips to ensure safe skiing

  • We recommend that you purchase your ski lift ticket online in advance from the comfort of your home. The ski resort can then make advance plans to cater for the number of visitors, saving you precious time that would be much better spent out on the piste!
  • If you do need to buy your ticket from one of the ticket offices at the ski resort, please make sure you keep one metre's distance when queueing at the till. Please pay for your ticket by card if possible – the hygienic and contactless option compared to cash.
  • You must wear a mask over your mouth and nose when queueing for the lift. You can also wear a snood over your mouth and nose too. However, please ensure you also keep your distance from others when queueing.
  • Chairlifts, T-bar lifts and cable cars are subject to the same rules as those applicable to other forms of public transport. You must wear a mouth and nose covering mask and/or snood covering your mouth and nose.
  • To be sure of your place in the lodge, we recommend you reserve your table for a break in your preferred lodge in advance. You can also find more information on the ski resort's website.
  • The lodge is also subject to the same rules as those applicable to restaurants. You must wear a mask when entering as well as at any time when you are away from your seat. You may remove your mouth and nose covering mask and/or snood at your table. Food and drink may only be consumed at your table. Please ensure you register your details for contact tracing purposes. Analogue or digital forms will be provided by the individual businesses.
  • Whether you are looking to hire skis or attend the ski school, we recommend you reserve your place to save time when you get there and assist your host in organising a relaxing day skiing. Further details can be found on the ski resort’s website.

You can be sure of this!

For your enhanced safety, our employees working in all areas (including the cableway, ski school, ski hire and restaurants) are subject to regular COVID-19 testing and have their body temperature measured when arriving for work each day. By looking out for each other, we will hopefully be able to enjoy plenty of days skiing together this winter!