Where adventurers find happiness: Ferienhof Salcheck

Good luck will come to those who stay at the Ferienhof Salcheck! Make your own talisman, and embark on lots of adventures.

Feel right at home at the Ferienhof Salcheck. You won’t want to leave the cosy parlour, where the smell of biscuits and punch fills the air. But the slopes are tempting, and you won’t be able to sit still for a moment longer.

You will find happiness here
The Ferienhof Salcheck is home to the cool forge, where you can make a unique lucky charm. You can use some of your new luck to help you to win a certificate and a prize in the farm quiz. If you want to, you can also help out in the stable, and feed the cows and calves. Clever adventurers even manage to pinch an egg or two from the chickens!

In search of adventure on the Königsberg
There are lots of great snowshoeing routes around the Ferienhof Salcheck. Our tip: Adventure is always lurking on the Königsberg and in the Eisenwurzen nature park! Because the family ski resort of Königsberg is just 500 metres away, a day on the slopes is a must. It is home to a children’s skiing zone, and an area for off-piste skiing! Spend a quiet and reflective evening on the “Kripperlroas”, a tour of the area, during which we visit all of the nativity scenes – including the “Felsenkrippe” (in the rock face). Also present: Mulled wine, children’s fruit punch, and a whole host of musicians!

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