‘Work of the Hands’

From 16 March until 3 November 2019, the Schallaburg is displaying the history of handicraft.

Look with your hands, understand with your eyes. ‘Work of the Hands’ showcases one-off masterpieces, inventive tools and recalls almost forgotten stories of artisan life.

2019 at the Schallaburg allows you to experience with all of your senses that a modern world, without old and new handicrafts and without the skill of our hands, would never have been conceivable.

A trade in hands finds gold in every land

The exhibition gives successful craftsmen and women a chance to have their say, shows one-off masterpieces and inventive tools, showcases exquisite handicrafts and recalls almost forgotten stories of artisan life.‘Work of the Hands’ shows that good craftsmanship requires skill, a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling tools and just how much hard work and care goes into the products. You can even experience this for yourself: every first weekend of the month in the ‘Schallaburg Manual Workshop’ Craftsmen and women invite exhibition visitors to become employees!

Media guides are available in: German, English, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian.