The Food Game

Right up until 2020, Schloss Hof and Schloss Niederweiden are addressing the following question through special, interactive exhibitions: Why does the world eat as it eats?

The three exhibitions from 2018 to 2020 examine the history, present day and future of food. Each of the three special exhibitions focus on a particular topic. The first exhibition in 2018 dealt with food production.This year, ‘The Food Game’ focuses on the role of individuals as consumers.

Trade and Logistics at Schloss Hof

Food covers not only our nutritional requirements but also offers scope for global trade and venture. How and why is food dealt on the stock market and what effect does that have on global supply? How does food reach the supermarket? How were goods originally transported? What emission free alternatives are there today? What dimensions has trade reached? The exhibition at Schloss Hof delves in to these questions. Visitors can also experience how food reaches our table and what role table manners play.

From Grocery shop to high tech supermarket at Schloss Niederweiden

At Schloss Niederweiden, visitors are invited on a journey in to the past, present and future of ‘trading’. The exhibition shows the historical development of supermarkets: from small local grocery shops and corner shops next door to the newest developments. An original grocer from the 1900s tells the story of retail trade long before the widespread self service technology of today’s supermarkets. Supermarket psychology, innovation in trade and digitalisation: What will supermarkets look like in the future? The exhibition is an interactive experience.