Spitz Apricot Kirtag

Apricot dumplings, a midsummer night’s festival and a proper kirtag at one of the great festivals in the Danube region

Apricot dumplings, a midsummer night’s festival and a proper kirtag all go into making one of the great festivals in the Danube region.

Long before the grapes in the famed terraced vineyards in the Wachau are ripe enough to pick, local apricots are harvested – only fully ripened and by hand. Spitz has been holding its Wachau Apricot Kirtag under the old trees in the church square since 1951. Delicacies featuring Wachau apricots traditionally provide sustenance on the third weekend in July, e.g. apricot dumplings from the original apricot dumpling dispenser, fruity jam, high-percentage schnapps and delicious cakes. The highlight of the traditional festival is the grand parade on Sunday featuring King Marillus, Princess Aprikosia and a host of local costumes and folklore groups.

Ripened fruit
The Wachau is totally focused on the apricot harvest in July. Colorful stands selling freshly picked apricots line the main roads starting in early July when the apricots are picked in Krems but at the latest a week later when the harvest begins in Spitz. Anyone who has sampled apricots originating from different regions will immediately notice the special traits of Wachau apricots. They look deliciously plump and have a fine aroma. There is one small drawback to this highly flavorful fruit. It does not continue ripening once it has been picked and should therefore be enjoyed only fully ripened immediately after the harvest. If you fail to get to the Wachau during apricot season, you have a consolation. You can enjoy apricots in one of their other many guises: Apricot jam and schnapps from the Wachau are uniquely fruity in aroma and flavor.

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