Animal adventures at St. Annahof

In the winter, there is a sense of Christmas & adventure in the air at the St. Annahof. While your biscuits are baking, the sledging hills become a danger zone!

There is always something going on at St. Annahof in the snowy Waldviertel. Here you can bake delicious “Vanillekipferl” (vanilla crescent-shaped biscuits), take the horses for a walk, and enjoy a ride on a husky-pulled sledge through the dense forests and beautiful scenery.

Where horses go for walkies, and dogs pull sledges.
The topsy-turvy world of St. Annahof: Here, horses are taken for walking, while dogs pull sledges through the idyllic countryside. These are not just any old dogs – they are real Waldviertel huskies, and they are waiting to take you on a winter adventure! Warm up by baking Vanillekipferl in the warm parlour, before making some festive handicrafts. After all, homemade wreaths and straw stars are the most beautiful!

A Winter Adventure Land in the Waldviertel.
The hills in the Waldviertel are perfect for tobogganing, because they are neither too steep nor too flat. We challenge young adrenaline junkies to prove themselves on the ski-jumps. More active adventures can be found on the cross-country ski trail and on the snowshoeing trail through the enchanted forests, before you catch sight of the lights of the Advent markets in the late afternoon. An insider tip from St. Annahof: You might be lucky enough to meet the Christ Child at Rosenau, Weitra or Rappottenstein Castle. Be on the lookout during your adventure!

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