Sumptuous May

Fresh asparagus accompanied by the new wines, daffodils blooming on the season's first alpine hikes: the places where spring in Lower Austria is most May-like.

In his poem “May Song”, young Goethe captures the exuberance of spring. He could well be describing Lower Austria. Alps and wines, gardens and culture present themselves in fresh spring garb, inviting visitors to take off on excursions and explore far and wide.

While asparagus is growing away in the Marchfeld plain and Lower Austrian Wirtshauskultur restaurants celebrate Asparagus Fest, the Alpine Ybbs Valley turns its attention to the blossoming daffodils. These flowers start blooming in mid-May, making  a delightful backdrop to outdoor strolls, special Ötscher Land Express train rides and small festivals. If you want to go even higher, head for the Mostviertel Alps a few weeks later to Gipfelklaengen. These delightful open-air alpine concerts for hikers mark the start of Alpine Summer in Lower Austria.

Garden and wine culture
Lower Austrian gardens start to bloom sometime between asparagus and daffodils. Colorful is the word that pops to mind for the terraced Baroque gardens at Schloss Hof and fragrant for the spring festival for cheeky cherubs at herb specialist Sonnentor while diverse better describes the Mother Day’s Festival at Garten Tulln. Wine culture also goes into full bloom in May. The new vintage can be sampled at large-scale tasting events in the individual wine regions such as the Grand Heurige of the Thermenregion. And the first cellar-lined road festivals are celebrated in May as well.

Art old and new
Culture naturally has its place of honor, too, but in a different way: At the International Baroque Festival, Melk Abbey serves as the magnificent backdrop for a high-caliber early music festival. The Viertelfestival likewise begins in May and offers the largest platform for the young regional art scene in Lower Austria.